BT inspired broadband outage causing Patchwork Rabbit shipping delays. Karla hopping mad.

2 CommentsTuesday, 26 January 2016  |  Karla

I'm afraid that BT has struck again and I spent the afternoon without broadband and on the phone being transferred from pillar to post. It would appear that the move for my phone and broadband was never completed, despite my being able to use broadband very successfully these last 3 months, and my broadband connection is still attached to the temporary number I was given during the move. The broadband connection I had been using has been due to "an error".

I'm told it is Openreach's fault (how convenient) and it will take 48 hours to rectify. Because our new website is cloud based, as is our new postage system, I'm unable to fill orders or receive email until this error is fixed. I do have broadband at home, so may close the shop completely and work from home, so that at least I can get some things done.

I apologize profusely in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and I thank you in advance for our patience.

The Patchwork Rabbit