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Covid-19 (18/5/20): due to circumstances beyond our control, we need to shut for the remainder of the week. We will be able to fill orders occasionally, but times are uncertain. We'll re-open fully on Tuesday 25th of May.

About Us

My husband and I started our online shop in 2006, and after a very slow start (SEO is more art than science!), we have built up a loyal base of wonderful customers from all over the world. We moved into our first unit in 2014 and into our present High Street location in 2015.

We are small, but that does mean that every single order is important to us and we aim to make you feel like you are important, too.

We don't believe that an online business should be faceless entity where orders disappear into a blackhole and an envelope falls out the other side. We LOVE to chat with you, so, if you can't visit, feel free to email, phone or tweet us! 

The Patchwork Rabbit