You can now have items added to your autoship

1 Comment11 February 2018  |  Karla

As many of you on one of our autoship programmes will know, they have become so popular that we needed to completely revamp how we control them as it was taking so much time to process them. 

It was a huge change, took a long time and big financial investment to implement, but are confident it will make everyone's experience even better.

One of the changes we've made is that we now process our orders by member, not by programme. This means that you only get a single invoice for all of your clubs and we are able to lay our hands on your file at any time (rather than having to look up what clubs you were on then find your file in the club folder). 

Previously, this meant that we were not able to add items to your autoship as it was a big hassle to organise. That is no longer the case! If you would like something added to your next shipment to save postage, just add it to your cart, drop Karla an email to say you'd like it included and we will take care of the rest!

Justine Ledden
18 January 2019  |  12:36

Hi Karla
Could you add the items in my cart to my Glitter Village autoship please?
Just in case you can't see my cart, they are WDW Tiger's Eye and Monkey Grass (one of each) and DMC 326.
Thank you

The Patchwork Rabbit