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Gingerbread Village Project of the Month Club

Gingerbread Village Project of the Month Club
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By purchasing this product, you are committing to a multi-part autoshipment.

Click here to see the individual patterns.

The base price of the club is 11 payments of £4.50, including this deposit for a total of £49.50, excluding shipping. Choose any extras you like from the options given (full details given below) which will be added to the prices shown at the time of shipment.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before signing up.


Have a little touch of Christmas all year, starting anytime you like. Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks has done it again with her series Gingerbread Village and we are, as usual, offering an automatic 11 part programme, with all of our usual options.

The Dates

This is an ongoing autoship programme and you can join any time. The £5 of this product constitutes a deposit toward the final instalment of the series. If you drop out of the series, this deposit is not refundable. Please read the terms and conditions before signing up.

The Options 

The first thing to say is that club members will receive 10% off of their chosen options (EXCEPT DMCs). The prices shown below INCLUDE this discount. The costs will vary per month, but the total cost for each individual option is given below. Please note, month 1 is the most expensive as it includes 4 hand dyes AND 3 DMCs.

Pattern: £4.95 per month

Fabric: We will be supplying Zweigart's 32ct Platinum which is closer to the US version of 32ct Lambswool than the EU version. You can choose from Whole or Individual options:

Whole: Fat 1/4 - one off payment of £13.86 with part 1

Individual: 1 fat 1/16 for part 1 and then 10 9" x 9" squares. £25.97 or £2.36 per month

DMC Threads: White (x4), 469, 741, 3371 - 7 skeins. £5.39 over 11 months

Hand dyes: CC Bean Sprout (x2), CC Ribbon Red (x2), WDW Hazelnut (x3), WDW Pecan (x5) - 12 skeins. £20.79 over 11 months.

Buttons: Each release will have an optional button pack available ranging from £1.25 to £2 per month


It's so easy!

1. Read the "Autoship Terms and Conditions" tab, please! How the club works is all described here.

2. Read the Info tab to be sure you understand the pricing.

3. Understand that you are just paying a deposit now. This deposit will be deducted from your final instalment amount (it basically pays for the final pattern). The options you choose now will NOT affect the deposit amount. Remember that this deposit is not refundable once the club starts shipping.

4. When you're happy, select the club options you want and add the product to the cart and checkout.  That's it! I'll do the rest.

1. This deposit covers the FINAL PATTERN of the series. You will be invoiced, in full, for part 1.

2. Autoship programmes are only available in Europe due to a high drop out rate from non-European customers.

3. By purchasing this "product", you are signing up to a multi part auto shipment program and its price constitutes a non-refundable deposit for the final instalment of the programme. We will automatically bill you for each instalment. If you paid by card, we will automatically use this card for subsequent payments. If you paid by PayPal, we will send a paypal invoice to the email address we have for you, unless you specify otherwise. If, for whatever reason (such as declined credit card or a paypal invoice remains unpaid), despite our reminders we are unable to collect payment for your instalment for 7 days, your programme will be cancelled and your deposit forfeited. You may rejoin the programme by paying any outstanding fees.

4. Each monthly charge will consist of the pattern price, any thread, fabric and/or embellishment options plus postage calculated based on our standard postage rates.

5. Typically, auto ships will NOT include any threads previously used in the series. However, sometimes we will duplicate threads if it appears you will run out, such as DMC Blanc in a Christmas series.

6. By signing up, you agree to receive product related emails from us periodically, mainly to keep you informed about the progress of the club. We will never disclose your details to a third party.

7. You have until you receive your first instalment to cancel this programme and receive a full refund of your deposit, if it has been taken. After that time, you may still cancel at any time, however your deposit is not refundable.

8. These terms and conditions do not supercede your statutory rights under the Distance Selling Regulations.

9. The advertised prices are subject to change at our discretion in the event of price rises by the manufacturer or exchange rate fluctuations. However, we promise to keep these prices within reason.

10. The threads provided as part of the autoship are determined either by the designer or our best guess. This does not constitute a guarantee that there will be sufficient thread provided for your stitching style and we accept no liability to provide extra thread for free. Any extra thread required to finish the project can be provided to you at the club price. Please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Our ref:  AS-CCN-05
Brand:  Country Cottage Needleworks
Season:  Christmas
Series:  Gingerbread Village

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