Square.ology - Chalk Squared - February

Square.ology - Chalk Squared - February
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No stock, delayed despatch

Our ref:  SQO-0102
Brand:  Square.ology
Series:  Chalk Squared


Following Brexit, the Pound Stirling is currently hovering around the 1.30 mark. As we import all of our stock from the US and Europe, this has lead to inevitable prices increases.

We are doing our best to absorb these rises as much as possible, however, we need pay the rent and payroll in order to keep the doors open.

We are only increasing the prices of stock as they come in and will use up to date exchange rates to set prices. We hope that the situation will improve as quickly as possible, and as rates improve, so will our prices.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time and appreciate your continued custom.

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