Plum Street Samplers - Pomegranate Santa

Plum Street Samplers - Pomegranate Santa



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Our ref:  PSS-0100
Brand:  Plum Street Samplers
Theme:  Santa
Season:  Christmas


This is an old-world-style Santa whose knapsack is more elaborate than his sleigh! He is accompanied by his eight tiny reindeer and a certain red-nosed friend in the lead.

Stitches used are cross stitch over two threads.

Pattern only. To complete this project, you will need:

Classic Colorworks

  • Used Brick
  • Muddy Puddle
  • Shabby Sheep
  • Sunkissed
  • Weeping Willow
  • Hickory Sticks
  • Red Currant

A conversion to DMC is provided.


Stitch count: 145w x 121h

Linen used: 36 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens . We can recommend either Parchment or Dr Smith's Tonic by Sparklies.

  Count Wide (in) High (in) Wide (cm) High (cm) Order
  28 10.36 x 8.64   26.31 x 21.95   Fat 1/8 (i.e. 2 fat)
  30 9.67 x 8.07   24.56 x 20.5   Fat 1/8 (i.e. 2 fat)
  32 9.06 x 7.56   23.01 x 19.2   Fat 1/8 (i.e. 2 fat)
  36 8.06 x 6.72   20.47 x 17.07   Fat 1/8 (i.e. 2 fat)
  40 7.25 x 6.05   18.42 x 15.37   Fat 1/8 (i.e. 2 fat)

Trim used: Vintage chenille by Lady Dot Creates


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