Blackbird Designs - Splendid September

Blackbird Designs - Splendid September
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Our ref:  BBD-1016
Brand:  Blackbird Designs
Style:  Stockings
Season:  Autumn

See the requirements tab for all the materials needed. Be sure to select what you need before clicking Add to Cart or the pattern will be added again.


3 gorgeous stockings to celebrate September. Each one measure about 3" x 5" when complete so we suggest stitching them all together on one piece and then cutting out to make them up.

You will need:

(GA = The Gentle Art)

Morning Glory stocking:

  • GA Grecian Gold
  • GA Wood Trail
  • GA Daisy
  • GA Chives
  • GA Tarnished Gold
  • GA Morning Glory
  • GA Grasshopper
  • fat 1/16 of fabric. (i.e. 1 fat)

Sampler House stocking:

  • GA Chives
  • GA Nutmeg
  • GA Mulberry
  • GA Forest Glade
  • GA Grecian Gold
  • GA Wood Trail
  • fat 1/16 of fabric (i.e. 1 fat)

Wicker Basket stocking:

  • GA Raven
  • fat 1/16 of fabric (i.e. 1 fat)

You will also need a 1/4 yard of fusible interfacing which is enough for all 3 stockings.

Select the items you wish to add and click "add to cart" above.

If you've already added the pattern to the cart, adding these items will add it again, so check the quantity of the original pattern before checking out.

IMPORTANT: Check quantities required on the Info Tab before checking out (Quick Add only adds 1 to the cart).

I don't know about you, but I hate having to buy more fabric than I want, so I try to make it as flexible as I can for you, my lovely, lovely shoppers, so you can order in multiples of 1/16 (9" x 13.5") as per the table below:

9" squares are a popular size for many of Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks designs. You can get six 9" squares from a fat 1/4 (4 fat) and twelve from a fat 1/2 (8 fat).

Please note: we do NOT do odd cuts (3, 5 etc), so an order of 3 will be a 1/16 and an 1/8. 

* This is approximate. What I actually do is cut the fabric down from the piece provided by the manufacturer, usually a yard or fat 1/2 yard. This can result in slightly smaller (or sometimes larger!) pieces, so always allow for this when choosing your cut.

For this size piece (inches): Which we call: Order this many: and choose this cut:
9 x 13.5 Fat 1/16 1 Fat
13.5 x 18 Fat 1/8 2 Fat
9 x 27 Long 1/8 2 Long
18 x 27 Fat 1/4 4 Fat
13.5 x 36 Long 1/4 4 Long
27 x 36 Fat 1/2 8 Fat


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We are doing our best to absorb these rises as much as possible, however, we need pay the rent and payroll in order to keep the doors open.

We are only increasing the prices of stock as they come in and will use up to date exchange rates to set prices. We hope that the situation will improve as quickly as possible, and as rates improve, so will our prices.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time and appreciate your continued custom.

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